SMT Anti-Static Composite Series
General Type Composite Sheets TYECB600
General Type Composite Sheets TYECB600
Product Details:

  TYECB600 Composite Sheets are composite material made of glass fiber and epoxy resin. Temperature resistance grade is B.In the indirect high temperature environment of 260-280℃, it has good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, anti-static and non-flammability. Suitable for soldering protection in SMT wave soldering process, easy to process, no cracking, no peeling, no burr and no irritation to human body.Easy to process on CNC lathe and do less harm to the cutters.We have the unique automatic production line in China,therefore steady production can be assured,that can also avoid problems like porosity ,transformation and layer separation. All these problems are easily seen in handmade production.

  Technical Parameters


  TYECB600’s advantages over other domestic products

  (1)Corrosion Resistance:Based on our own intellectual property and R&D Capability.Our composite sheets have great advantage over that of other domestic producers. The carrier life has been prolonged effectively.

  (2)Less Burr after machining,not easy to be separated and break on the processing position.

  (3)Uniform ESD,No porosity,No impurity,Uniform fiber distribution.